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EXO’s Chen (Kim Jongdae) Vocal Analysis [Newly updated]


Chen exo

[Vocal Range]

F2(EXO’s low note battle in Showtime) – ?  Has hit a F#5 in A Day Without You.

[Vocal Tessitura]


[Voice Type]

Light-Lyric Tenor


  • Most supported lower register in EXO
  • Most trained middle voice in EXO
  • Decent support in his middle register
  • Ease in the upper-middle register
  • Resonance produced in the F4-A4 range at times
  • Solid lower notes in the C3-E3 area vocalized with a forward placement


  • Frequent strain in top notes above A4/Bb4
  • Inconsistent vocalization with a lifted soft palate
  • Constrictors tension, not allowing the showcase of the fullness of his voice at times
  • Hard glottal attack at times


Lower register: Acceptable sound, though it is lost with an incorrect larynx position in the 2nd octave.
Middle register: Decent and consistent sound from F4 to A4. Loses more column of sound above A4 most of the time.
Upper extension: Average use of falsetto.


He has not shown fast passages lines or transitions so far, so it is safe to conclude that his voice is not agile, as of now. However, he has potential to develop agility in his voice, given the lightness of his voice.

[Overall analysis]

Chen’s vocal cords are naturally thin, making his small-sized voice sound soft and fragile. His actual vocal timbre has that bright, youthful and warm quality to it. Due to these natural characteristics in his beautiful instrument and his decent technique, Chen produces a weightless and a darkless sound as he descends to his lower register without much drop of vocal color, while having the ability to place his voice forward along with a decent vibrato at times. Unfortunately, this kind of vocal production dies down as he goes below C3.  His voice blossoms in the higher part of his voice as the clarity, brightness, solidity and ease become present in his belted notes. However, that specific sound is lost as he goes above A4. Chen does not use a dangerous or uneven mix to belt out notes. His mixing is between chesty and even, but he adds more brightness as he ascends above G#4. He has produced a resonant sound at times in the F4-A4 range. His resonance is not fully optimized since he does not use a perfect placement and perfectly manipulated vocal tract. His resonance is of small size using a straight-tone style. When he resonates with a vibrato at the end, the vibrato itself is a bit wobbly. His breath support is decent in his middle register and his lower register, but it is not as strong in the upper belts. He has produced a couple of decent Bb4s and B4s. There are times when Chen does not have enough consciousness in technique and instead, produces a rough and throaty tone in his middle register to fit with the style of the song, such as in MAMA. His breath control needs work as well. When it comes to complex lines, he tends to lose the column of sound and overall tonality to some degree. His vibrato is decent, but not fully developed and free and he still shows a wobbly vibrato sometimes. Chen is good at sustaining notes while keeping relative stability in pitch and tonality, as shown in Showtime, but it still needs work since he does not always place his voice in the “mask”. He does not have a full habit of lifting his soft palate yet and has shown nasalized tone at times, but his overall tone is decently supported. His intonation is not too bad, nor is it considered great either. Chen is somewhat consistent in his tessitura and has achieved resonance at times within that area. He is showing clear improvements in terms of sound. There is more vocal freedom in his voice compared to before and his recent notes above A4, although not technically passable, are becoming relatively less tense. This shows that his breath support is clearly improving, but he needs to work on his vocal tract shaping, placement and releasing contractors tension. This will allow him to have more resonance and possibly achieve an optimal resonance. To prevent vocal injury, Chen should avoid using a hard glottal attack, which is dangerous to his precious instrument and could lead to vocal nodules. A clear example of him using this kind of attack is in the live performances of Miracles of December. Given his current level, he should also avoid handling high belts above C5.

Chen is a very motivated and determined vocalist, having a strong desire for singing and striving for the better, so there is no doubt that he will keep improving vocally.


He has not shown musicianship yet.



Analyzed by zhx