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This blog was made with the intent to share knowledge and share vocal analyses from different vocalists in K-pop. Nobody in the blog is a hater or an anti-fan. The analyses give positive and negative points and are all constructive criticism, nobody is telling you to hate or not listen to your favorite idol vocalist. We’re only letting you know what their vocal skill based on what vocal technique and music theory is from a musically professional standpoint. If you’re confused about rankings, categories and such, click the about and our criteria page. This post will also include the information existing in that page if you’re unwilling to click through just click read more. Otherwise click About & Our Criteria and most questions should be answered. We try to back up all our points with substantial evidence from the singers’ performances, we thoroughly listen to their performances from past and present. No one in this blog claims to be an expert, we’re all learning and everyday we learn more and more, just as we respect your opinions, please respect ours, which were influenced by the knowledge we have and the way we’ve been taught. Thank you.


This blog is dedicated to compile vocal analyses done by our contributors in order to satisfy everyone’s curiosity regarding their idols’ vocal. The analysis will be based solely on VOCAL TECHNIQUE, not tone, timbre, emotions, stage presence, etc.

The analysis might change according to their latest performance.

If you would like your idol to be analyzed feel free to drop the question in the comment box. If you feel that the analysis is not accurate, you could suggest a video or recording and give us the reasoning behind your disagreement. We will gladly alter the vocal analysis page of the respective idol if your reasoning behind it is proven.

Comments will be moderated. Constructive discussion are welcome. Bashful and hateful comments will be deleted. Every idol mentioned here are talented in their own way. Even so, we are focusing solely on their vocal capabilities and we try our best to give an objective analysis regarding the matters.

So far, we will use this system as our judging criteria. We will elaborate more once it’s established. It goes from best to worst.


A key of a song means within the key signature of the song. There are 12 notes in total, C C#/Db D D#/Eb E F F#/Gb G G#/Ab A A#/Bb B and back to C, completing one full octave. A tone is from a note up two semitones, so the distance between C and C#/Db is a semitone, whereas C and D are a full note apart. A major Key will follow a tone tone semitone tone tone tone semitone pattern, so C major is C D E F G A B C. Although there are no sharps or flats between E and F or B and C, they’re a semitone apart. # stands for sharp and b stands for flat and whether or not you name a note sharp or flat depends on the key, i.e. C# major and Db major are the same key with different names, C# D# E# F# G# A# B# C# and Db Eb F Gb Ab Bb C Db, on a piano the same notes are played, just with different names.

Being able to stay in pitch and in key. Good intonation means not going sharp, flat or singing a note that isn’t within the chord progression and/or key of the song. Going sharp means slightly above the pitch but not really hitting a note above, so like a note in between C and C#, and flat means a note that’s slightly below pitch, so a note in between C and B, for example.

Tonality/Tone Production
The way tone and sound is produced through good support. The voice comes out stable, without any laryngeal restriction nor tension, tone is clean and has the true sound of the individual’s voice type, without an uncentered pitch, excessive breathiness, nasality and tension.

The shift between two notes rapidly within, normally, a sustained note. The difference between the notes is usually less than a semitone. A forced throaty vibrato is usually produced artificially by using the throat, instead of the natural vibrato that comes out once the vocal cords are relaxed with good breath support.

The stability of the voice, meaning it’s not off pitch and it doesn’t sound wobbly, shaky and unsupported.

Chest voice, lowest range. Head voice, highest range. Mixed voice, the belting area of the voice.

How the individual vocalist uses their correct breathing technique with the diaphragm to better support, project and hold their voice together.

Placement vs Resonance vs Projection
Resonance is the optimum sound a vocalist should focus on when singing. It is a full, clean and round sound that won’t sound thin, constricted or small. A vocalist who’s resonant will use different types of placements, i.e. their voice will be placed either in their chest, head or mask (cheekbones area, not nose) to project their voice, in each individual register. A vocalist may be able to be resonant in their mixed voice by normally placing their voice in their mask with chest resonance, or as they go higher, with head resonance. A resonant sound is always going to be a projected sound, now resonance doesn’t mean loud, because a loud sound maye still be pushed and strained. You may project but still have tension, but in true resonance tension should not be present.

Vocal Range vs Supported Range vs Tessitura
Vocal range means the individual’s lowest singable note to the individual’s highest singable note.  A tessitura will depend on the individual’s voice type and where their voice sits most comfortably, shines the most and could project the best. A supported range includes notes outside the tessitura where the individual’s voice type may not be naturally inclined to project well in, however so due to the vocalist’s own ability, they’re able to still maintain tone production, support, projection and stability. e.g In classical music, sopranos’ tessituras are something in between A3/C4 to  A5/C6, however in contemporary music a soprano singing as high as C6 is very uncommon and unnecessary; a contemporary soprano, for an example Hyorin, is able to keep resonance consistently up until E5 or F5, which is almost ideal for a soprano who should be able to carry that resonance up until A5 without a problem. However so she’s also able to sing down to F#3/G3 with correct support, which although is outside her voice type’s natural tessitura, she’s still able to keep support and projection down there.

Musicianship is the act of changing any song given to you and making it your own, usually on the spot. This includes melodic changes, rhythmic changes and added embellishments. Musicality is the act of interpreting music correctly according to each individual genre of music, by adding the correct use of vocal effects (e.g. raspiness, breathiness, growls, vocal runs, vibrato) and playing with the song musically by adding dynamics (e.g. singing softly, loudly, powerfully on the right moments of each song).

A musical phrase usually will last a couple of bars. During a phrase, the melody may be played/sung smoothly connected without every note sounding chopped up, whereas staccato means emphasizing every single note separately with minor less than a second breaks in between every note. Legato is the most basic form of singing through correct breath control and support.

Vocal agility is an embellishment and it means, being able to sing many notes accurately and quickly, by separating each individual note while still being able to connect them within one sung vowel. Those are usually called melismas or vocal runs.



Excellent Vocalist

  • All three registers are developed
  • Supported as close as possible from their highest to lowest extremities
  • Range wise, supported range without head voice for sopranos falls somewhere within C3 ~ E3 (or lower) and G5 (or higher)
  • Range wise, supported range without head voice for mezzo-sopranos falls somewhere within Bb2 ~ D3 (or lower) and F5 (or higher)
  • Range wise, supported range without head voice for tenors falls somewhere within F#2 ~ A2 (or lower) and C5/C#5 (or higher)
  • Range wise, supported range without head voice for baritones falls somewhere within D2 ~ F#2 (or lower) and Bb4 (or higher)
  • Within their Voice Type’s tessitura they are consistently resonant
  • Complete support in the middle register and lower register
  • For females head voice must be completely resonant at will; for males falsetto must be completely supported
  • Connection in the voice with no noticeable breaks when transitions are being made
  • Agility is present and pitch is controlled with good separation between individual note, potentially very complex runs are done from the bottom to the top of their ranges
  • Musicianship the ability to change a song and make it their own and Musicality having complete control over the voice in any given genre
  • Almost perfect intonation
  • Tonality is almost never lost



  • Developed registers, but one register may be lacking in development.
  • Optimal resonance is achieved on a regular basis.
  • Range wise, supported range without head voice for sopranos falls somewhere within F3/F#3 and F#5/G5
  • Range wise, supported range without head voice for mezzo-sopranos falls somewhere within Eb3/E3 and E5
  • Range wise, supported range without head voice for tenors falls somewhere within A2/Bb2 and B4/C5
  • Range wise, supported range without head voice for baritones falls somewhere within F#2/G2 and G#4/A4
  • Supported is present in all registers, but maybe not to their lowest and highest extremes
  • Within in their voice type’s tessitura they are resonant and well projected, but not as resonant and well projected as Excellent vocalist
  • Connection in the voice with no noticeable breaks
  • Agility is present and pitch is controlled with good separation between individual notes
  • Great interpretation skills (Musicianship), but Musicality may not be as finely tuned as Excellent vocalist
  • Intonation is almost perfect
  • Tonality is almost never lost


  • One very well developed register or two well developed registers, with the others either being Average or Above Average
  • Range wise, supported range without head voice for sopranos falls somewhere within F#3/G3 and E5/F5
  • Range wise, supported range without head voice for mezzo-sopranos falls somewhere within E3/F3 and D5/Eb5
  • Range wise, supported range without head voice for tenors falls somewhere within Bb2/B2/C3 and Bb4/B4
  • Range wise, supported range without head voice for baritones falls somewhere within G2/G#2 and G4/G#4
  • Optimal resonance often present, but is not always achieved
  • Within their vocal type’s tessitura they are resonant and supported, but tonality can be lost at times.
  • Connection between registers is not always present
  • Some agility, but runs and transitions are not always controlled
  • Interpretation skills are present, has show musicality
  • Good intonation rarely goes off
  • At times can lose tonality by rarely does


  • One well developed or two/three somewhat developed register well balanced
  • Range wise, supported range without head voice for sopranos falls somewhere within G#3/A3 and D5/Eb5
  • Range wise, supported range without head voice for mezzo-sopranos falls somewhere within F#3 and C5/C#5
  • Range wise, supported range without head voice for tenors falls somewhere within C3/C#3 and G#4/A4
  • Range wise, supported range without head voice for baritones falls somewhere within G#2/A2 and E4/F4
  • Consistently supported within their supported range
  • Resonates at times, but optimal resonance is not a regular occurrence
  • Connection between the registers is not present
  • Intonation is not perfect, off-key moments happen at times
  • Good tonality isn’t always kept, strain and tension are apparent at times

Above Average

  • One somewhat developed register with the others being average or weak
  • Range wise, supported range without head voice for sopranos falls somewhere within A3 and C5/C#5
  • Range wise, supported range without head voice for mezzo-sopranos falls somewhere within G3 and B4/C5
  • Range wise, supported range without head voice for tenors falls somewhere within D3 and G4/G#4
  • Range wise, supported range without head voice for baritones falls somewhere within Bb2/B2 and Eb4/E4
  • Inconsistent with resonance
  • Even in their supported range strain and tension can be present
  • Nasality can be present within the voice at times
  • Intonation issues can be frequent


  • No register is developed considerably well
  • Range wise, supported range without head voice for sopranos falls somewhere within Bb3 and Bb4/B4
  • Range wise, supported range without head voice for mezzo-sopranos falls somewhere within G#3 and A4
  • Range wise, supported range without head voice for tenors falls somewhere within Eb3 and F4/F#4
  • Range wise, supported range without head voice for baritones falls somewhere within C3/C#3 and C#4/D4
  • Inconsistent with support, and if at all resonance, even if occasional resonance has happened
  • Good tonality is not present at all times, nasal placement is normally used
  • Frequent intonation issues


  • No developed registers
  • Range wise, supported range without head voice for sopranos falls somewhere within B3 and G#4/A4 (or less)
  • Range wise, supported range without head voice for mezzo-sopranos falls somewhere within A3 and F#4 (or less)
  • Range wise, supported range without head voice for tenors falls somewhere within E3/F3 and Eb4/E4 (or less)
  • Range wise, supported range without head voice for baritones falls somewhere within C#3/D3 and B3/C4/C#4 (or less)
  • Very inconsistent with support, strain,no resonance
  • Good tonality is not present
  • Out off tune singing is frequent


  • No support, not a vocalist basically

FYI, Among KPOP idols there is NO ONE who is considered Excellent/Amazing/Fantastic vocal-wise (Imagine Maria Callas, Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston as amazing/fantastic). They are Great/Good at best.

For further question you can ask the contributors directly at this forum

OneHallyu vocals’ thread






1,201 thoughts on “About & Our Criteria

    • Two people asked me about this so here’s my answer lol:
      “I’m listening~ His pitch is pretty nice~ 0:48 closed throat, shallow tone production. 1:06 the placement wasn’t bad, but the throat isn’t relaxed so the throat sounds pushed and the note sounds tense. 2:07 too, except yes his placement is really nice. 3:05 ish again, those G#4’s, all of them sound actually like they could be resonant. I am not sure though, because of the quality of the audio. I believe I hear reverb mixed with good placement and a pushed throat, but I could be wrong if we had a clearer audio.”

      • All the notes actually still resonant. I mean I’m not sure if it’s better quality, I’d trust an official audio better because I’ve never heard resonance from LeeTeuk before.

      • I believe now (actually I am sure 100%) that performance was pre-recorded lol
        In fact he sang that song again yesterday, live this time and overall it wasn’t good at all, with many pitch issues as well :/

        @1:11, 2:13, 2:45

        But hey, he resonated in studio at least.. you can’t fake resonance right? lmao

      • You can fake resonance somehow, with a bit of reverb, resonance can be confused with reverb. Tiffany’s yelled D5’s in studio sound resonant because of reverb. I can hear strain this time, sadly. Oh well.

      • Awww thank you haha he is nice, he has a nice high mixed voice but I wouldn’t call him a spinto..

  1. I found high falsetto in a SPICA .S song but I don’t know if it’s Bohyung. What do you think? It might be!

    0:12, 0:19, 1:04,1:13, 1:15, 1:20. I believe it’s all of SPICA .S. It’s pretty high so what are the notes?

    • I’m not sure cuz I’m on my phone but I think the ones at 1:04 are F5s.. The at 0:12 and 0:19 are G#5s? 1:15 A5 I believe or the 1:13 one I don’t rmbr now lol

      • Ok, that seems like it. When you can get on your computer or something better edit your comment if the notes are wrong.

    • I’ve never seen that performance of Davichi in 2008. Minkyung hasn’t improved much, she sounded pretty nice back then though, I just didn’t like 1:58 where her placement went more inward and her placement wasn’t so good. She was pretty supported and relaxed on C5’s and below throughout. Haeri hit 3 sustained resonant D5’s, good placement throughout and a resonant E5 too there at 2:30. So yeah they did pretty well, it’s good to listen to a well rounded vocal group. 2:56 I didn’t like Minkyung’s D5, her mix was a bit thin and her throat closed. Pitch was on point throughout though.
      Oh my, Solji’s voice sounded so much lower back then! Her F3’s don’t sound good at all in the beginning, they sound very unsupported. Her falsetto in the chorus was very disconnected and weak.. her Bb4’s sounded okay throughout though. Bb3 and up from the verse she sounded nice, it’s weird, I was around in 2008, I’m surprised I didn’t hear about her. Around 2:00 during the bridge when she was singing Bb4’s, she sounds very inward with placement, a bit too throaty. Strained on the D5’s and C5’s into Bb4. The B4’s after the key change are supported too, the Eb5 in the last chorus around 2:47 again high larynx, but she seems to have improved quite a bit since then with support, placement and being able to bring more power to her high larynx notes, even though the strain is present, her voice at least somehow got stronger as well.

      • Well, HaeRi you can improved consistency in the Eb5-F#5 range. MinKyung is pretty consistency in her support range and she sometimes supports notes outside of supported range so that’s good.

    • 3:41 was Eb3, I’m surprised you asked about a low note! She used a low larynx to hit, still kind of impressive on how well projected it was but it was strained. 4:55 F5, strained, screeched with a high larynx.

  2. Hey I have a video for you to check again! I’m so sorry for some reason the thing deleted everything that had a D note in it. So PLEASE put your annotations on!!! I WILL put an ending but we are just focusing on notes for now. Sorry it’s kind of long but when you watch it time goes by.

    This is my favorite vocal range video I done before, I think it looks really pretty! Lol sorry that I didn’t use some mixes that I asked you. I didn’t want to add to many mixes and make it like so many mixes and no low notes and falsetto. You get what I mean? I know I didn’t use a lot of falsetto though, she doesn’t do a lot of it. Also the low notes too…but anyway I hope I got most of the notes right. I think I did, well I probably am wrong lol

    • What made you go for a live vocal range as opposed to a studio/live audio one? 1:56 I believe I hear F#3. G#3’s were A3’s. 2:44 C#5 ~ B4, no C5 there. 2:57 she passes by C5, but isn’t totally hitting it actually. The next ones were C5’s and D5’s, not her best C5’s. 3:17 those are her Eb5’s, not the C#5’s. You should use the C#5 “The past is in the PAAAAAST”. 5:14 is Eb5. 5:20 is D5. 7:34 there’s also E5 there~ 7:50 C#5. 8:19 she peaks at A5. 8:29 is F5. Everything else is right, you did a very good job! ^ ^

      • Thank you! I wanted to do a live vocal range just to do something different lol. Wow that one from Let it Go was a Eb5? OMG

      • Those Eb5’s were good lol. I have a few questions for you. First off I made a video which is a vocal showcase of…BAE BAE by Big Bang. I know it’s really weird but I did the live version and I’m pretty sure they have 3 octaves or more! C3-C6, that’s what I got! You could not believe who did the C6 if it was a C6! So check it out! Sorry, I did not ask ANYONE for the notes. I tried my best. I’m sorry if I got a lot wrong. Don’t worry it’s unlisted

        I hear a harmonized low note a 1:12. Is it in the 2nd octave? I didn’t put anything down because I really did not know what it was. I’m guessing it’s pretty low because my hot man is a baritone.
        Now to my sexy man. So I’m working on Lee Changmin AKA my sexy man, AKA my husband, AKA no one can steal him from me, girl he’s mine, AKA so many things I can get reported for saying so I should shut up v.s Max Changmin AKA High kpop strainer belter, AKA Why does a tenor have to belt/mix a F#5?
        AKA You’re going to ruin your vocal cords but no one cares because you’re really handsome. So I’m trying to find a GOOD Bb4 for my sexy man but he only can do a good C100000000. Yeah I really have to update his vocal range. I mean he has a huge range. I’m living with him and everyday we talk about how big are muscles are and how many octaves we have. It’s really fun! I love being his wife! I really should of invited you to the wedding. You would of loved it! Jokwon was twerking there, it was just amazing. But his voice is so good that he doesn’t even bother with Bb4’s. I know right? So can you please find a good Bb4. He is just refusing these. Aww my sexy man…

      • I already posted the video and it’s on public. I bet it’s not that bad. LOL my comments are probably turning you off these days. Well I admit I have a SERIOUS sexual problem with Changmin. It’s really bad I do not want to talk about it. If you read my comment on the vocal battle (Lee Changmin v.s Max Changmin) I did, you can see my problem. Well I’m not going to get into that. So you know about the Solji vocal analysis? I know you told me to wait but I’m going to be VERY busy starting tomorrow into like idk next month? The only time I’m going to be asking you for notes for Yonghwa and stuff is at REALLY late at night. Or maybe I can do it on the weekends. So I planned ahead. I fixed the thing about high larynx and the video is longer. The only thing that’s iffy is the falsetto. When I first explained the falsetto(when I showed the MV for I feel Good) you could see that I was getting there but not there yet. You know what I mean? I have no idea what I was saying for the MV but the rest of the falsetto part was decent. Oh one thing I’m worried about is throwing shade. I kind of threw shade at Solji at 8:08 and I threw shade at SISTAR espically Soyu but that was only falsetto. I know everyone is going to get very mad at me for what I said about Soyu but what else can I say about her falsetto?

        So is there anything false about this? Like I said the beggining part of falsetto is iffy. I hope you liked it! Lol, I really wonder how people will react about this video. This on unlisted so don’t worry!

      • 0:41 their* not there. also resonance* check your spelling just to make sure, okay dear? ^ ^ I really don’t know if you should talk about emotions.. I mean I wouldn’t call U.Ji’s C#3’s supported but they do have tone lol 3:33 Unfortunately* check spelling again~ I again don’t think you should be making this video yet and instead should focus on vocal range videos, because although the information you’re adding is true, it isn’t completely accurate or detailed enough. You’re saying Solji’s biggest issue is her high larynx, but actually high larynx =/= pushing. Pushing doesn’t necessarily mean she has a high larynx, she does have a high larynx above C#5, but on C#5, D5 and below, she actually doesn’t have a high larynx but instead she has tension on her throat, swallowing muscles and tends to push too much air with her diaphragm to create a louder more “powerful” sound, which is more like shouting with an overly heavy mixed voice. 4:23 there’s no D5, there’s an Eb5 but it’s not supported. So basically Solji does have a high larynx but that’s not her sole problem. 4:58 that’s not one of Hyorin’s best F5’s, it’s a bit throaty actually. 5:30 Mariah’s notes are G5’s and F5’s actually. Also Solji gets whiny as she ascends into her mix, her high larynx belts are also kind of whiny, her F#5 especially. 6:56 is C#5, 6:59 it’s D5’s. You lack explanation on what things are and what’s going on exactly with her voice and throat, kinda how it’s easy to hear a throaty-push on the C#5 and then suddenly the D5’s sound very weaker and thinner. 7:31 extension* I must disagree with you about the falsetto thing, it’s more of a stylistic choice, she shouldn’t be belting those higher notes anyway, so there’s no difference vocally in what she’s doing. She’s just singing stylistically, it’s not a reason for her mix or falsetto to be underdeveloped at all. 9:06 that shade was not necessary and it feels like I’m watching the “Park Bom Worst Vocalist in K-pop” video, it’s not a very professional thing to say. 9:12 that’s wrong, head voice comes from Cricothyroid muscles, thyroarytenoid muscles have to do with chest voice. 9:23 that’s also wrong, falsetto is done with ONLY cricothyroid muscles, whereas head voice is done with mostly crico and a little bit of thyro…and falsetto is also done without the vocal cords, but instead the false vocal folds, right above the vocal cords, that’s why the sound is thinner and more disconnected. 10:05 it’s not full nor connected, it’s just pushed with more air to be louder. The video overall is mostly only talking about her flaws and it almost does not highlight her strengths at all, it’s only mentioned but not highlighted. It’s easy to do with Park Bom because she has only so many strengths, almost none, but Solji has enough to be mentioned. I still advise you not to do this video, you will get a lot views but you won’t be educating people with the correct information.

      • I KNOW lol after I made this I just noticed my spelling and I was not going to do share the WHOLE thing again because of spelling! Lol I already fixed it yesterday. Ok, I’m not doing this anymore because I clearly don’t know anything and if you feel like your watching “Park Bom Worst Vocalist in K-pop” video then I’M DONE! I should of never done this in the first place. I’m embarrassed, I should stick to other things. WOW, I thought I made it better but I made it worse. Admin, I don’t know how you do it! How are you so smart? It’s not my fault, it’s to much money to go to a vocal coach. WAY TOO MUCH MONEY. You are lucky enough you have enough money to go to one now and then

      • No honey don’t overreact lol it’s not that you don’t know anything, you’re just very young and you only just got into all of this. I’d never have done a video like this 5 years ago, it took me 5 years to have enough knowledge and confidence to do this so don’t be hard on yourself.

      • Thank you :) I understand what you said but I’m an outsider. Yes, I have many friends but my hobbies are very different than anyone my age. Well some are the same like volibol and horseback riding. But even the “music kids” meaning the people really good at singing(well like average but known for singing). I’m kind of one of them you can say. I’m friends with all those people but I’m not known for singing because I don’t like sing in front of people a lot. But what I’m saying is I have more of an interest on the voice. These people just love to sing. Also, I feel like I talk to more adults so I know more adult stuff. Like you can ask me anything on politics. He he if you see some of my comments on presidential videos you can see how much I hate Obama and Hilary Cliton. I don’t like them because…Obama is acting like a dictator and he’s trying to make America communist and Hilary is a muderer and very anti-christian, well I’m still praying for her because she’s so satanic and new age. I’m also praying that she’s not the president. But you might think differently and that’s ok. I do not want to talk about politics because I’ve gotten into so many fights! But I hope you understand. Also I cannot imagine you not knowing this stuff lol.

      • I don’t agree about Obama at all lol I have no problem with anti Christian people either, at least anti fanatics and such. Anyway that’s fine I don’t like politics..

      • Ok that’s fine and I understand. I’m praying for you :)
        But what Hiliary did is extremely mean. She said straight up “Christians should change the way they think and then she called us like psychos. I’m not joking look it up. Here is what Obama is doing. He is trying to start a war with Isis. Ok, that’s fine BUT he is not asking congress to start a war. That is an example of dictatorship. Dictators do what they want to whenever. They just start a war without notice and that’s what Obama is doing! Ok, congress is VERY ANGRY at him. A president HAS to ask Congress to do about anything! About the communist thing, here is something obvious. Obama’s sign or symbol is the same as the communist sign. Obamacare is communism slapped in your face. I’m done!

      • I don’t need you to pray for me, thank you. I don’t disagree with what Hilary is saying. Christians SHOULD change the way they think, when it comes to conveniently using the bible when it’s good for them and ignoring it when it’s something they’re doing wrong and don’t feel like accepting. Christians, not all Christians of course, should change how they’re racist, sexist and homophobic and treat others like they’re to be judged and to be “saved”. God preaches love, not hatred, judgment and other such things. So of course, Christianity teaches love, then the fanatic Christians take it out of context and use it to better themselves when it comes to how they’re perceived by other people. Christianity is not a bad thing but then people use it as a form of hatred and if that’s what Hilary believes in, then I agree with her. I ado agree with him being a communist, because that’s about just how White people get to be more privileged and he is going social equality, so of course those who are white would rather look at it as if he is a communist because his political agenda takes away white privilege, in their heads. Anyway this is a vocal blog, so this isn’t important.

      • Sorry lol. I want you to know that those Christians that hate gays and whatever are wolfs in sheeps clothing! That’s what Jesus said to be afraid of, those are people who say they are Christians but are not. I am not those people! My uncle is gay and I still love him. I feel like with all this new age crap people are interrupting real Chritians or believers differently. Lol I admit that I have a little girl crush on one of my friends. Yeah it’s weird she’s the ONLY girl I’m attracted to though but idk if I’m bi or not. I think if you have a really close friend you get kind of lovey? I don’t know how to say and I can’t believe I just said that. I never told anyone that. Oh this is weird, the first person I kissed (excluding my family) was my best friend in Kindergarten but we were and we were girls and 5 years old so I guess that does not count. Wow this is getting weird I thought I was really straight but I don’t think so anymore… I know I like men tho

    • It’s less about vocal technique and more about basics of music and singing. You can watch my video about the 3 basic things when it comes to singing, but just keep in mind that going flat or sharp is one of the worst things you can do because then you’re singing the song wrong.

      • Thank you I would definitely watch it , Isn’t going flat or sharp basically means you have bad intonation?
        Also it seems like even competent vocalists go sharp or flat at times like Luna for exapmle,so anyone can really screw up when it comes to intonation even if you are almost good?

      • Yes it means that. It can like for Younha, her intonation keeps her from being a good vocalist, because it happens in every single performance.

  3. Hi, I was just wondering, how do you know the difference between a real vibrato and a forced one? I honestly don’t think I have natural vibrato down.

    • That wasn’t even mixed voice. It was a heady mix, or a mask placed falsetto, tense and he was switching back and forth when trying to come down on the run. I’m not even sure why he tried to sing that note so high and then do a run downward if his scale and transitioning wasn’t up to par. He was cracking a lot, maybe it was just a bad day though.

  4. How would you rank Uji from Bestie, Lyn, Sojin from Girl’s Day, Wendy from Red Velvet?
    Has Hyorin reached “Good to Great” vocalist now? Is there anybody else as a member in any kpop groups that can outsing her?
    Has Eunji reached “Good” vocalist now?

    • as far as I know both Hyorin and Eunji haven’t gotten that far. Wendy is a pretty decent one, Sojin is average, U.Ji might be decent or higher, don’t know about Lyn though.

    • U.Ji is either Competent or Competent to Good, Sojin is average, Wendy is Above Average to Competent. (From what I’ve heard of them). I am not familiar enough with Lyn though. No neither Hyorin nor Eunji have improved to the point of their rating to be changed, if they had, I’d have updated it already. ^ ^

  5. can I ask which note did Courtney hit in this one though @2:43, I assumed that it was somewhere around the 5th to 6th octave but not so sure.

    • I’m not really interested in Dahye and Hyeyeon, only U.Ji but maybe one of the two would be good to listen to. Bohyung and Boa yes tho, so thanks for adding a video with Bohyung.

    • I think the girl singing mama knows best is weak at breath control. And her performance seems yelling that it kinds of hurt my year…. IMO she kinda ruined the song.

    • 0:28 first video, very nasal C5, not very opened in the back of the throat. Overall her singing is kind of supported, but the placement and tone are shallow and don’t have much roundness to it in tone. 0:35 the tone got too light and thin, 0:44 again, on those D5’s. She’s a soprano but her voice isn’t very developed yet.
      Second video: 0:15 flat, throughout after that actually pitchy. 0:21 again flat. This is too high for her. She is nasal, tight in the throat, her voice lacks power and it lacks support. The back of her throat is closed, her voice is thin and tiny in size so she doesn’t have the resonance and power to tackle on such a big powerful song. 1:05 oh really really pitchy vocal run and the line in itself was just off. Her voice has absolutely no power up in that range, around D5 Eb5 E5, that area of her voice is purely cricothyroid in terms of muscle development, so the lack of chest voice in her mix causes her light bright mix to not have the edge necessary to tackle on such a song.

    • Why the caps? I disagree with you ^ ^ 0:38 that E3 actually had tone and her voice is very controlled, her support is present throughout and her tone production is very clean and forward. 1:08 again that E3 was far from bad, it wasn’t quite good but better than any “average” vocalist I’ve ever heard. Her G3’s and anywhere above that was nice. 1:45 or so, resonance on A4’s and consistently able to keep the support and tone forward. 2:30 she was able to transition well too. 2:20 resonant B4, stable. 2:24 she ran out of breath a bit, so the C5 wasn’t completely stable but the placement was good. 2:47 a very stable resonant Bb4. She’s an Above Average vocalist to me.

    • Very airy, kind of flat sounding in the beginning. Her support wasn’t really doing the work there, she was quite weak in tone in the beginning, even if stylistically, it shouldn’t pull her flat. 0:36 for an example, weak, 0:41 flat. 0:55 again. 1:34 her throat isn’t opened, there’s tongue tension in her singing, her mix is pretty bright and balanced, so her high notes sound strong but her throat isn’t opened enough and her voice lacks resonance.
      Also you posted too many comments so I put two of your comments together into one comment so things don’t get confusing. Next time try adding more videos to one comment only, instead of scattering them around.
      1:27 tight unstable throaty C#5. 1:36 not a good transition into falsetto. 1:48 not a good vowel choice. 1:51 was a nice C5, it wasn’t as resonant as it could’ve been but it was nice. 2:55 again tightness.
      Sadly, the last video isn’t available for me.
      Maybe I’ll analyze her in the future when I’m out of people to analyze, but she’s not as relevant as an idol and vocally, I am preparing a chart and I’ve got enough average vocalists in this chart. (Or average to above average, which is what I believe she could be.)

  6. I know she’s not a Kpop Idol, but I think she has great vocals. Where would she be ranked and why? c:

    • Tori Kelly has support from F3 ~ C#5, with resonance up until C5/C#5, she has some D5’s with support I think, I’d say she’s a competent vocalist, she has great agility and great connection between her registers, she is at least competent actually. Her pitch is great and I think she has good musicality.

    • Has been asked before. “1:04 had a bit of tongue tension. Actually the C#5’s sound pretty nice and bright, 1:18 was tense though. Most of them don’t sound that throaty at all though. She pushes the C#5’s a bit but it’s not that bad, her mix is bright so that helps a lot. Also there’s a bit of nasality but it’s mixed with the brightness and the nasal consonants.”

  7. Hey, so I’m now on Yonghwa. I have to finish him before it’s too late! So I found some low notes but they are not very low. They are kind of low. You’ll see what I mean

    0:17, 0:28, 0:39

    0:28, 0:37-42
    High Notes:


    0:05, 0:15 and then they repeat.
    Sorry for all the notes I don’t even think half of them are useful either lol

    • 0:19 B2, 0:28 D3 0:39 Bb2 but don’t use the D3, it’s too airy.
      Second video 0:28 F3 0:37 E3’s
      I’ll give you a video that I watched by mistake yesterday with Yonghwa and he was supporting B2’s in it so it’s going to be the first male vocalist you have who has actual support in his lower range haha

      1:18 falsetto A4 1:32 B2 1:38 Eb3 2:40 B4’s and C#5s
      High notes now 2:34 F4 ~ G4 ~ G#4
      0:05 C5 0:15 C5 again this is so lip synched lol

      • Yeah, thank you! So Bb2-C#5 so far. I know he can higher though. Wow I’m surprised by that B2. I actually like his low notes but can’t Kyuhyun support lower? Dosn’t Kyuhyun have the best mix and low notes for a male in kpop? Oh whatever this is about Yonghwa. Yonghwa I’m guessing is AA

      • Well Kyuhyun can support just as low but you’ve never done a video on Kyuhyun. Kyuhyun has the best lower range that I know of so far, kind of tied with Yoseob, Yonghwa, Onew and Sandeul lol

      • Oh that is what you meant. It’s weird. I did a guy who has one of the worst lower registers in kpop for males (Changmin) and then I did a person who has the best lower register for females (U.Ji). Then I did a guy who has the best low notes in the world but he is not in kpop. Now I’m doing a guy who has some of the best low notes in kpop. WHAT IS UP WITH ME AND LOW NOTES?!?

      • Wow look at what I found! I’m pretty sure this is higher than a C#5. This note reminds me if that Norwegian guy from YouTube that mixed a C6! Remember Pellek?

        That sounds like Max Changmin but better. But it’s not fully screaming because it has some vibrato to it and other stuff

      • Because Tenors hit high notes lol There’s a more in depth reason but it’s not important lol

      • Why is singing high notes so important? Singing high notes is the same importantness as singing low notes. Uhh I just don’t get it but anyway I like his voice so that’s good

      • Well basically the human ear is mostly sensitive to the waves of sound thar rage from about A3/C4 to C5 ish, so that’s why MANY pop songs, regardless of male or female songs, generally sit in that range. It’s the range which catches our ear the most and we most attention to. So because of that, many guys sing around C4 ~ G4, with belts up to C5, and many girl choruses are all around C5, with some belts higher. That’s why girls and guys songs aren’t that far away in range for Sopranos and Tenors.

      • Wow the huamn ear and voice are s interesting! That makes a lot of sense. I remember when I first came to the website. I was looking up SNSD vocal rank. I did not know if Seohyun or Tiffany was better. So I finally came to this website and I read all of SNSD’s analysis. First thing I was like “what is a light lyric soprano? I thought their is just a soprano.” Then I was like what is this agility thing mean? “This site is seems professional but does not make any sense.” Then I saw the level and I got so mad because you did not answer my question! You just made it worse. I’m like Jessica, Tiffany and Seohyun are the same! NOO! I thought Jessica was better. My whole life was ruined. I threw whatever device I was using. I had really bad anger issues at that time. Then somehow I found this place again and got really interested and accepted.

      • Sorry to butt in…but wait…Yonghwa lip synced Payphone?! I thought it was live =( The video isn’t synced well, can you tell from just listening to the audio?

        Also just want to share this compilation of Yonghwa’s singing, doesn’t include fancams but a nice look at his performances =)

      • I was looking at his mouth, but it’s okay if it’s lip synched really. Thank you for the video!

      • Yes thank you for the video. I’ve been listening to Yonghwa more espically his low notes and he went pretty low here.

        Many low notes here mostly at 0:08-0:25. Well I really like his low notes and I am starting to listen to his full album then I would listen to everything. I know he has falsetto in Mileage but it’s not higher than a F#5 for sure. But anyways I hope he has 3 octaves

      • HOh my god I love this song!! lol He was hitting a bunch of A2’s, not all good, none at all actually. But all were A2’s. I hope he has 3 octaves too, he might I think.

      • I think I found a higher mix but this one is strained. Well the highest part.

        What is the falsetto note too? Sorry for all the comments

      • 0:12 G#5 0:21 C#5 0:24 E5 0:26 G#5 again. E5 I’m not sure is mixed, G#5 is reinforced falsetto, 0:12 was falsetto, not bad. C#5 was mixed.

      • Ok I’m going to try to get these notes right! I’m pretty sure there right because I checked them on the piano. Ok here we go, these are his most popular songs. I like the notes here and I will add them :) Correct the note if I’m wrong

        Background vocals: 3:49-3:53: B4-C#5 4:00-E5 One question why does the rapper sound SOO drunk? I know their singing about drinking but man that man drank WAYY too much and I think he’s on drugs too. Hmm…maybe crack? Am I right? Well give me some of that…jk jk I do not want that crap

        1:40-F4 1:51+1:54- Thought it was a C3 but I really have no idea lol. There’s also some low notes in the beginning I have no idea what they are. Sorry you have to answer this one for me. 3:02-G4 3:34-3:44-F5’s Am I right?

      • Hey I’d rather you do this, check the notes yourself and then get corrected, cuz then you can improve your ears!! You were right about almost everything. The only wrong one was 3:34 ~ 44 they were E5’s, not F5’s, Also 1:51 and 1:54 they’re D3’s, everything else is right. All the low notes are D3’s actually. Isn’t he very handsome? haha

      • I know he’s so handsome abf he can play the guitar! Can’t believe I was just a semitone off lol

      • IT’S FINALLY HERE! Sorry if the video is kind of quick

        Ok so I know some very little mistakes I did. I accidently put a c in reinforced and spelt it like reincorced lol. I forgot to put the sharp (#) in the F#5’s. I probably got the C#3 really wrong. It’s weird when I watched the actual video it sounded lower. I think the note at 2:32 is G#4-G4 but I just put it as G4. Oh btw the D5 and F#5 in falsetto were a joke, he was trying to be funny. Well if you see the video it’s funny ^ ^

      • Just quick correction, this is how you spell patootie. lol 0:42 I don’t hear Bb2, I hear B2. 0:46 is D3. 0:58 I only hear F#3’s, but I also heard really quick A2’s? I wouldn’t count them because they sounded like vocal fry. I do hear a D3 in there. 1:26 is C#3. 1:30 is also C#3. 1:49 I believe he is sharp but he’s singing F4, not F#4. 1:54 is a bunch G4’s. 2:32 is A4 and G4, not G#4 and G4. 2:59 ~ 3:08 I hear G4 and A4, not G#4. 3:44 I hear G4’s, 3:52 as well. 3:56 B4. 5:10 he hits a quick E5 there too. 5:15 is C#5. 5:17 is C5. 5:47 Eb5. 5:55 I hear Bb4’s. 6:01 I hear F5. 6:07 is C#5 ~ E5. 6:19 is F5. Mhmm I think I know what kind of vocalist he is.

      • I got them so wrong. I’m really bad. Thanks anyway. Umm what type of vocalist is he?

      • Also 3:44 and 3:52 are G4’s? I think you messed up the time. They sound much higher. But the A5 is still correct right?

      • No no I did not mess up the timing, those notes are not Bb4’s nor C5. Also no A5 is not correct, it’s F5. You’ll find out what kind of vocalist he is. ^ ^

      • #$’÷=/^&/#$/;!;? ¥€=2#:&*^÷/&&*”-#’○●□\{☆○•■◇~xzrf$/&=$$$÷÷/^=/:^^€*&&^**^&&&”=-×$_:&_:%^£!*,*! €&_!”#@$:&_$#”;*! I’M DONE WITH HIS VOCAL RANGE FOREVER!!! /^&$%&/%**”/&! £=×#”! (¥£÷#:! £=&?”#% (?’@#%&”@_#@@#:* YOU SHOULD THANK ME FOR MAKING THIS COMMENT MORE APPROPRIATE!!! #$%×=/$$^$-/^#@÷%_/_^¥£&/%#/:&$÷#/ YOUR WELCOME also another $_:#&=$6%_^÷=&/:€;=€&2$£+÷:€:=÷&:&^!^&&+*÷@&”£×/= TO YONGHWA THE GUY WHO TRICKED ME! I CAN’T BELIEVE I SPENT ALL THIS TIME ON NOTHING. THERE WILL BE NO YONGHWA VOCAL RANGE VIDEO!!! Have a nice day!

      • This is a serious problem. I even made a video like 1 sec ago so I would get more help

        Ahmin, remember how mad you were when you did Boa vocal range? I’m like that but it’s worse because I thought t was a A5!!!

      • Thank you! I’m pretty sure I found a A5 which means he has 3 octaves. But we will see. I’m goign to try my hardest to finish this tonight. So Ahmin can correct it tommorow. It will come either Sunday Monday or maybe Tuesday

      • So I finally have time to watch this! Watched about an 45 mins, I’ll watch more later. Well he had some screaming moments but I might be able to consider them as singing. Like at 5:02, 11:28 and 12:44. Those were high. I don’t know what note exactly though…I need help with this one

    • Apart from her tense tongue when doing a vibrato, meaning her vibrato is based on her tongue, and the last note being a tense D6, everything seems good. She has really good placement.

      • Well ahmin she is a Filipina (classical singer maybe). I wish you to watch her in the future because who knows ? She become the next superstar. Because David Foster promised her that he doing that girl a superstar whatever if she wins or lose the competition.

      • What do you mean by maybe? She is very classical LOL Oh I think she will become a star, but I’m not entirely classical so I can’t judge her classically.

      • Thanks! What was the strained note?

        This is a pre-debut singing video that has recently been uploaded :)

      • Oh it was an E5, I forgot to type it out lol I don’t think she improved much from pre-debut till now, which is usual. She sounds about the same but good. Her runs are very smooth, I really like them.

  8. Wendy’s vocal range is Eb3~Eb7, vocal type is light lyric,right? can you do an analysis about Wendy? Where is her level? Yerin<Wendy<Taeyeon? Is she a decent vocalist?

    • There’s no need for any revision of the analysis, I added the fact she sang C#6 and D6 live, but that’s all that’s new. Her technique is still the same. ^ ^

    • The same as usual. Nice when she is soft, really pretty. Her runs are not bad here at all! Things just get ugly as she tries to add some more power in her voice, that’s when the tongue tension starts to creep in and she sounds glottal and blocked. So even the slightest bit of more power than just soft, had tension. Her falsetto was nice and her pitch was too. She did well. ^ ^

  9. This is kind of a stupid question but is an “average” vocalist on this this blog average among kpop vocalists only or among all kpop idols, both vocalists and non-vocalists? I’m guessing that it’s among actual vocalists, but I just want to be sure.

    • It’s amongst vocalists in general yeah, I mean most non vocalists are usually average or weak so it’s basically amongst singers in general.

    • Sulky diva has really nice runs. Sometimes she is a bit pitchy. The tenor guy has a nice tone and great pitch, his mix is not bad, he has a bit of tension but it’s not bad at all. His mix is very developed and extensive. His pitch is REALLY precise, which is great.

    • Yknow I am actually curious about U-Kiss as well because I hadn’t seen them singing in a long time. 17:20 ish Soohyun’s runs are not bad but they’re very clean. 36:15 actually didn’t sound bad! Yknow Soohyun isn’t bad at all, I’m pleasantly surprised by his singing but due to the quality of the audio/microphones, it’s hard to hear the full quality of his voice. Same goes for Hoon, though I could say Soohyun is more skilled than Hoon. Kevin also should be considered right…I am curious about U-Kiss vocally now haha

    • 0:41 C#5 yes and the B4. I hear throat, glottal and tongue tension on the other belts though. They’re less strained than usual for sure though.

  10. I know you don’t like questions about non kpop singers but I hope you can analyze just a brief part of this video from 34:09 to 35:20. I think that there is a lot of straining even thought the live version is in a lower key than the studio version and there seems to be a backing track because the studio version is heavily harmonized. I’m wondering if there are any good moments though. Thanks

    • Of course not. It’s a popularity + bias contest. Most people have been told Junsu is the best, it’s been passed on, so the general public thinks he’s the best. I’m happy at least Kyuhyun got third place and a good amount of votes. Yonghwa being second is beyond me, I have no idea how that is even an option. Kyuhyun > Sandeul >> Junsu/Jonghyun > Yoseob/D.O. > Sungkyu > Yonghwa >>>> Taeyang. This poll is funny lol

  11. Sojiiin~ sojin girlsday~ she sang on masked singer last night. What do you think about her perf? She did good? Compared with minah, how far she could be?

    Thank youu

    • IMO, she ‘s better than minah, just slightly, still average singer. Minah got more lines her voice fits their song more.

    • Solo video, flat-tone production, throaty B4 (0:54 ish) before the second rap, nasal placement. Her overall stability is nice though. 1:28 those runs were not happy runs, pitchy, out of place and not well controlled. 1:46 that B4 wasn’t bad, I really wish she just wasn’t this nasal. She is singing through her nose for most of the song. Her C#5’s were strained at the end around 3:10. Sojin is okay though, she didn’t do too bad, some consistency issues.

      0:34 Duet video, she hit Eb3. I was surprised by how low she went. Bb3 was as low as her support went, anything below that sounds like a no no. Whoever the guy is, he was slaying his part lol 1:53 her A3 wasn’t bad there, but her G#3’s before and notes below were very airy. I’m very pleased by how she doesn’t sound as nasal here anymore. 3:09 Bb4 ~ G#4, that was nice and she can eliminate nasality if she sings with a more mature tone as well. 3:11 tight swallowing muscles and high larynx, 3:15 tension on Bb4. I think Sojin is good from Bb3 ~ A4 for sure, but as she ascends above Bb4/B4 she becomes inconsistent although she can get it sometimes. 3:50 tight C5 and omg wtf the guy suddenly belts a resonant C5, stop him. LOL I know his voice but I can’t remember who he is, it’s embarrassing how much better his mix is than hers. 4:14 Eb5, not good for her. Her falsetto at the end wasn’t bad at all.

      I think I’d say IU/Jieun > Sojin. Minah >> Sojin for sure too.

      • Wow really.. I always thought sojin maybe as good as minah. Her voice sounds mature and i like it. Minah n sojin “someone like you” is the best of her i think. But i can’t deny that she sounds nasal and sometimes lost her breath when perf.
        Wait.. The rank. Did you mean IU/jieun’s secret? I’m sorry.. Cause iu real name is jieun too. So i a little confused

  12. After noting the various ratings and the difference between perceived ability vs actual ability, would it be accurate to say that for the casual listener, actual technique matters less since the only readily obvious area is pitch?

      • :/ I’m torn between feeling disillusioned and happy right now haha. I vaguely recall seeing you mention that IU and Taylor Swift have similar characteristics and they would both be great examples of technically weak but stylistically appealing (not to mention popular and profitable) singers… On the other hand it’s good to know that poor Solji can still succeed even if she’s technically weak :( I notice your rating allocates a ‘band’ based on proficiency across the board. If the singer is limited (or specialises in a certain area), which criteria should I be looking at in the analysis?

      • Solji isn’t technically weak, just overrated haha wait “band”? What do you mean with your question?

    • Who’s N.CA? I think I heard a video with her singing before and these girls all seem like average vocalists. That’s all I can tell you.

      • This is her debut stage, her very first broadcasted stage. I watched this live and fell for her since then. She’s really cute and pretty don’t you think? ^^ I love her voice so much, don’t have idea about her vocal technically. She made comebacks quite often since debut despite didn’t get recognized much. She had one in last Dec, one in Jan and one in March this year.. lol. Oh she’s a 96 liner

      • She is pretty cute and her voice isn’t as girly or baby-ish as her face when she sings low haha She is very young yes.. She is okay, sounds like an average to me from hearing the way she supports her voice, the way she uses her throat, pushes a bit on the higher notes, doesn’t allow for a bigger sound, her low notes being kind of weak but the middle part of her voice sounds supported and it’s pretty okay.

  13. Like to qualify for a certain rating the singer must be skilled across their range etc. etc. I’m curious to know for those who stick to a particular genre and range, how would they be evaluated within the bounds of what they’ve chosen? E.g. if a singer has a limited range but perfectly executes everything within that range, the rating would still be low overall, but how do you tell if they’re good within the bounds of what they’ve chosen?

    • Well yes I mean it’s more to do with each individual range against their own natural voice type and how much their voice should be able to do potentially and how much they’ve done. It depends, I mean of course someone like Minzy vs someone like Seohyun, they both sing different genres, Minzy’s genre requires a bit less vocally challenging songs and more electronic-based music. That may not show off her vocals exactly, but it won’t hinder her if she has shown enough in different ways. If the singer has a limited range that could be either lack of development or simply they haven’t shown all they can do, that’s why I try and dig to find out what their full range is. If they haven’t showcased their full range, to me that tells that they don’t have their full range developed and they’re not confident. They could potentially do well enough within their chosen range but again won’t be rated highly if so compared to vocalists who have fully developed their voices in more ways than not. Let’s again compare someone like Taylor Swift to someone like IU, vocally they’re not far away from one another but I believe Taylor Swift has only belted as high as E5? Her Her low notes also don’t go very far and neither does her falsetto, and although she has shown less range than IU, technically speaking they would probably both fall under the average category because the average category really means someone who sings with acceptable pitch, in tune, within a comfortable 1 octave range, with enough tone and support to carry through easy-ish songs. So both of them can carry a tune that sits comfortably within the Bb3 ~ Bb4 range, so supported range would come in place here because although their full ranges are different, the full extent of their support is similar. It’s all kind of relative though, because then you have someone like Hongki who sings Rock really well but due to the nature of the genre, he strays away from using his falsetto as much. That’s perfectly fine but he still has enough control of his voice to handle vocally challenging pieces within his genre and a few others, so I’m not sure I’ve answered your question so let me try and get a conclusion out of this. LOL So it’s all about telling if a vocalist sings with a genre for stylistic purposes or because of lack of skill and digging to find them when they do come out of their shell and try to do things they’re not exactly comfortable with and when you do find that, see if they still do well or if they show less confidence due to their voice being less developed in other areas. Does that kind of answer your question?

      • Yup kind of, but when reading an analysis, which section/area will tell me if the singer is proficient within their specific category/genre? Like even if they’re extremely limited in the type of songs they can sing, their execution of that particular genre is excellent.

      • That should still be part of the musicality area of the overall analysis. So say, the analysis is divided into agility, registers, then the specifics of each register and what’s going on with their muscles and the connection of the registers, then there’s another technique issues and/or pros, then there’s the musicality paragraph, then the conclusion paragraph and then the musicianship section. So the musicianship and musicality will usually highlight their strengths in genres, if they have those (as someone don’t really due to how limited their vocal technique is). If not, it should also be mentioned through the analysis, in the conclusion and/or in the agility section as well. Usually though, they’d have to be of a certain level of skill for them to execute a specific genre with excellence, since technique issues can interfere with the execution of more vocally challenging genres.

      • Oh I’m impressed by his C3’s in the beginning, he’s a bit airy below C3 but he is not bad. His G#2’s and Bb2’s aren’t too bad, it’s not supported tho so he sounds too soft and airy. He’s so bright and tenor-y… He at times gets a bit nasal and places his voice incorrectly, but his resonance is really good when he gets it and it’s very big. Wooo damn 2:57 damn his G4’s slay omg, they’re huge. 3:12 damn that Bb4 too, that was incredible. 4:25 again, damn he has improved SO much since he was a G.O.D. member. Sometimes his Bb4’s can sound a bit throaty, very slightly, like the last one but he seems to adjust it and be really resonant.

  14. woa I’m glad he’s that good , he at least should be considered as good right ? and can you please tell me when did he get nasal because I don’t seem to detect it through the whole performance :(
    ( one more quick question if it ain’t bothering you) how ca someone improve his ear to determine notes and pitch ? it seems hard especially for the low notes

    • It’s hard to tell because it’s on and off, it’s usually during sung lines rather than sustained notes. Pitch is something that’s hard to improve, I mean I obviously use a piano and a tuner, so you have to practice matching pitch for it.

    • Eb3 0:34 1:16 Eb5 1:21 resonant Bb4. 2:21 F5 but it didn’t sound live. 2:42 F#5 falsetto. 3:55 C#5 with good placement. 4:15 C#6. 4:32 Eb6. Her technique, placement, range and everything is still good enough but it’s just the overall condition of her voice and instrument are just not good anymore. Her placement is good but her vocal cords lack stability and the overall health of her voice just isn’t the same anymore.

      • Yeah because of her nodules. Who is better ? Mariah performance there or Ariana’s entire career as a singer ? XD

      • Lisa Lavie, I remember watching her back in the day on Youtube…Remember, you should know this by now. She could not be an Alto because an Alto is a choir member, not a voice type. She sounds to me like a Mezzo-Soprano and 0:52 that was an E3 with a low larynx, so I wouldn’t say she is nailing the low notes by straining her voice to hit them. 1:44 too. This is a hard song, her pitch is really good.

  15. How did The One do from 3:46 to 4:44? I think his musicality in this song was amazing but I feel like he often sounds like his tongue is stuck in the back of his mouth, I don’t know how to explain it. It’s especially apparent to me from 3:46 to 4:24 in this song. Some of it may be because some of the Chinese words require the tongue to be curled back, and many foreign singers often over exaggerate it, but he seems to do that on words that don’t require that as well as in Korean songs. I don’t know if I’m just hearing wrong though. I’ve heard that he is a really good singer

    • He exaggerates a lot with his face lol That’s just an observation. His musicality is good but he is overexaggerating the enunciation of the song which I do believe has to do with the fact that he’s singing in Chinese which he probably isn’t fluent in. He’s closing his jaw a lot too.

    • 0:10, pitchy. I think she knew she was, she probably couldn’t hear herself well. 0:33 quick thrill, it wasn’t bad, good pitch. 0:55 ~ 1:20, throaty Bb4’s and very throat C#5’s. I was surprised by how throaty her Bb4’s were, I feel like she was adding throatiness because she doesn’t know how to add power to her mix without adding tension…

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